Judah Emanuel Kuper’s first introduction to mezcal came out of a gasoline can, in the streets of Oaxaca.

Little did he know, but this would be his first step on a journey which would find him a wife and bring some of the finest mezcals to the rest of the world.

Following a storybook courtship (we’re skipping over a lot of exciting detail) Judah won the hand of his wife Valentina, marrying into a family of master mezcal crafters.

With his respect for mezcal cemented by the bonds of family, Judah founded Vago with his friend Dyland, determined to share the undiscovered mezcals of Oaxaca with the world. Vago is a connoisseur mezcal, and no two batches are the same, empowering the master craftsmen who make them.



Chairman's Trophy & Top 100 Spirits - USC 2020.

Description/Tasting Notes:
A triple distilled Mezcal with a nose full of smoky toasted corn and dry river stones.

The body is sweet with wood tones & layers of honeycomb, green tropical fruit, & smoke.

It has a prolonged finish loaded with mint & papaya.


Description/Tasting Notes:
This mezcal is a magnificent sipping mezcal, yet has become a favorite ingredient in craft cocktails as well.

It has well-balanced smokiness and bright citrus flavors that make it distinct. Platinum Medal - Beverage Testing Institute 2020.

Tío Rey Ensamble

Description/Tasting Notes:
Each ensamble represents a unique blend that will never be replicated.

These field blends were common historically as mezcaleros drew from the few ripe, rarer varietals which time, season and availability allowed.

Tío Rey hand mashes the cooked agave with wooden mallets and distills in a series of clay pots resulting in a timeless ancestral mezcal.

We are a small batch brand by design. The product you purchase today may differ from the batch shown on the label image on the store.

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