CONVITE is proud to be a 100% Oaxacan company, inheritors of knowledge transmitted by more than five generations in the distillation of agave, as well as in the preparation of various local drinks.

CONVITE believes that a good mezcal is an authentic elixir, worthy of the most demanding palates. For this reason, Mezcal Convite is committed to protecting traditions, offering a craft drink of the highest quality.

CONVITE is a benchmark in the community, supporting environmental sustainability in its activities, working in fair trade and promoting community development. For this reason, it carries out all the activities of the value chain exclusively in Oaxaca. In each bottle it produces are fragments of an ancient tradition, of the land that saw the plant grow and of the knowledge inherited generation after generation.

As part of this education effort, CONVITE is launching The Bartender Residency. In this unique 7-day immersion program each month, bartenders can stay at CASA CONVITE in Oaxaca, Mexico, and learn everything from the production process and mixology to Oaxacan history and contemporary culture directly from the founder and CONVITE's master distillers.



- International Craft Awards 2022 – Gold

Description/Tasting Notes:
Convite Esencial is made from Espadin agaves with a maturity of 8+ years. Esencial is the essential bottling of the Convite collection.

This mezcal opens with aromas of citrus zest and a touch of smoke notes of green bell pepper on the palate giving way to a long briny finish.

It is the perfect balance between taste, body and aroma; ideal for cocktails.


Description/Tasting Notes:
Convite Una is made from Espadín agaves with a maturity of 8+ years. Naturally tinted with Cochineal lending a distinctive pink hue.

Herbal character with citric tones accompanied by a light, sweet mineral touch.

Newly launched in October 2022 for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 10% of every bottle sold will be donated to support FUCAM, a Mexican breast cancer charity.


- LA Spirits Awards 2022 – Gold
- International Craft Awards 2022 - Gold

Description/Tasting Notes:
Convite Espadín-Madrecuishe is made from a blend of wild Espadín agaves with a maturity of 8 years and wild Madrecuishe agaves with a maturity of 13 years.

A supreme combination of the two agaves, this unique mezcal has aromas of bright citrus and cocoa, a velvety body with a lingering dry cedar finish; ideal to sip neat.


Description/Tasting Notes:
Convite Coyote is made from 12-year-old wild Coyote agaves, considered the rarest and scarcest of all the mezcal agaves.

A rare mezcal with an unmatched sensorial experience, the palate has a burst of white pepper, floral notes, and a touch of fresh herbs that linger throughout the finish; ideal to sip neat.


Description/Tasting Notes:
Convite Tepextate is made with wild Tepextate agaves that can take up to 25 years to reach maturity.

Convite Tepextate is known as the “Black Truffle” of mezcal due to the number of years needed to reach maturity and the intense flavors it offers; this mezcal has a spicy character that combines earthy, herbal, and sweet notes.


Description/Tasting Notes:
Convite Jabali is made from 25-year-old wild Jabalí agaves the most difficult agave to distill because it produces the smallest output of all agaves used in mezcal distillation.

It is considered the king of mezcals and is the only Convite Mezcal to go through a triple distillation, which results in a robust and complex flavor with herbal and minty tones, accompanied by an aftertaste of zapotecan plums.

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