“Fiero” translates to fearlessness, and a courageous, defiant spirit. Crafted in this image, Fiero Habanero Tequila is the spiciest infused tequila available in the United States.

In creating the ultimate flaming experience, Casa Don Roberto – run by one of the two remaining families whose ancestors helped launch the tequila industry – distills premium white tequila, which is then infused with habanero peppers grown in the Yucatan Peninsula… peppers which register 40 times spicier than jalapeños on the Scoville Heat index.

In-your-face spicy and proud of it, Fiero Habanero Tequila is so flavorful that it will likely become your secret ingredient to making the spiciest margaritas in a flash.


Tequila Habanero

Pr%f Awards 2021 – Gold and Double Gold


Description/Tasting Notes:
Fiero Tequila Habanero is for those courageous spice fanatics who can truly take the heat. Naturally infused with fresh, vine-ripened (never dried or roasted) peppers from farmer’s markets in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, Fiero Tequila Habanero is unapologetically the spiciest infused tequila available in the US. The hand-picked habaneros perfectly amplify tequila’s well-known kick.
This isn’t a ghost’s whisper or a mere fireball – it’s a flaming flavor punch that’s perfect as a challenge shot or a much-needed spicy spiked oomph to hard seltzer or your favorite mixed drink.

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