Amarás is an honest brand born from our bond with the sun, the land and the people who work it.

Collaborate with Maestros Mezcaleros from Oaxaca and Guerrero to create our core portfolio using Espadín and Cupreata agave, honoring centuries of heritage and preserving 500 years of artisan techniques.

With rich and unique notes that awaken your senses, Mezcal Amarás invites you into a world of softness, with perfectly balanced flavors and aromas.

Each bottle is made using sustainable and natural methods, aware of the direct correlation we have with nature.


Mezcal Amarás Espadín

It is the steward of our pursuit of a better world, the flag bearer for our holistic cycle "From seed to sip".

Naturally handcrafted using the finest 8-year-old agave Espadín found in the mountains of Oaxaca, Amarás Espadín invites you into a world of smoothness.

Mezcal Amarás Espadín Reposado

Amarás Reposado grants you entrance to the world of mezcal with its smooth and mellow notes.

Handcrafted using the same fine agave Espadín, only this time, it's matured in our barrels carved from 2 different types of Oak.

During this process, it shades into an elegant, light-tanned and natural amber tone, after being left for a minimum of 3 months to adjust itself into our beloved Amarás Reposado.

Mezcal Amarás Cupreata

It is a bridgeway to a range of possibilities in flavors and aromas that the biodiversity of agaves can offer.

It sets in motion a journey into a universe of intricate flavors, deriving from the richness in the different species of wild agaves, carrying richer characteristics and bring to life unusual herbaceous notes that take you on an excursion into the forests of Guerrero.

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