Maguey Spirits is a family-owned company founded in 2013 that captures the diverse flavors of Northern Mexico. Our range of mezcal and sotol embodies sustainability, quality, authenticity, and tradition, reflecting the region's heritage. From the rugged landscapes, each of our expressions savors the authentic terroir of Durango. With exceptional traditional distillates produced by the hands of the Conde family in San Nicolás de Acevedo, Maguey Spirits proudly carries forward a legacy of craftsmanship and passion.


Burrito Fiestero

Burrito Fiestero is the mezcal to fall in love with mezcal. Burrito Fiestero is a smooth mezcal with a floral, fruity center and a complex and elegant finish. Burrito Fiestero Mezcal is created with passion in the remote state of Durango. With sustainable practices, Burrito Fiestero focuses on bringing to life the most emblematic flavors of Northern Mexico using Agave Cenizo in small production artisanal batches. For every bottle sold, we plant one agave.

Burrito Ensamble

Burrito Fiestero Ensamble is created with passion in the remote state of Durango. With sustainable practices, the spirit showcases two of the state's most emblematic agaves with an assemblage of Agave Cenizo (durangensis) and Agave Verde (cassispina) through artisanal and sustainable productions. Burrito Fiestero Ensamble has a well-rounded body with sweet and spicy notes finishing with a smooth smokey aftertaste.

Burrito Fiestero Ancestral - Tepemete

The Ancestral Collection is a limited edition line with special mezcals made from rare and unique agave varieties within the Durango borders. Every production is crafted in micro-batches with ancestral distillation methods using clay and wood. Every bottle is a piece of art, as they are hand-painted by local artists with different designs depending on the agave type.

Mezcal Gin

Mezcal Gin is created with the perfect balance of tradition and innovation. Mezcal Gin uses carefully sourced local handpicked ingredients and botanicals to deliver a unique flavored mezcal with a rounded body and a fresh, herbaceous aroma. Mezcal Gin gets its name by combining two of the most emblematic spirits of the world: Mezcal, one of the most ancient of the Americas, combined with the infamous Gin, which has made its name throughout Europe.

Senor Sotol

Handpicked 8-10-year-old Sotol cooks underground for 72 hours in volcanic rock pit ovens that are then milled and fermented in open-air vats before being double-stilled in small copper pots. It is filtered, bottled and hand-labeled. Señor Sotol is named after a legendary folklore hero and his unrelenting reputation. Over time, Señor Sotol became the most important smuggler in the Chihuahua region during the prohibition period until its legalization in 1991. 43% ABV

Senor Maguey

Senor Maguey is one of the world's only non-diffusor agave nectars and the first in the U.S. This premium agave nectar is specially crafted for anyone wanting to reclaim the purity and quality of craft cocktails one smooth pour at a time. With a rich buttery texture and a light viscosity, this agave nectar will impress with its explosive flavors and easy application in any cocktail at home or behind the bar.

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